Kazuhisa 'Kazu" Terasaki

San Jose, CA 95123

Technical skills

Software languages

Objective-C, C++, C

C#, Java (J2SE, J2ME), JavaScript

Python, PHP, Perl

SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Assembler (x86, ARM, H8, PIC, 680x0, 6809, Z80)

Software platforms

iOS (iPhone, iPad), RTOS (NORTi/ITRON), Linux, Windows

Amazon EC2, Google App Engine

Hardware language



Electronics schematics, Mechanical control, Sensor signal processing


Mobile Application Engineer at Evernote Corporation, 3/2011 - Present

- Develop Evernote iOS client

- Develop Evernote Hello iOS client

- Develop Evernote Hello Android client

Senior Software Engineer at KTLaboratory, 10/2009 - 2/2011

- Develop photo management application for iPad (demonstration app at Fotokina 2010)

- Develop online shopping application for iPhone

- Develop on-demand computing cluster environment for Bioinformatics applications on Amazon EC2

- Develop Twitter marketing tools on Google App Engine (GAE)

- Develop iPhone / iPad / iPod nano based Walking Biped Robot for demonstration of

sound-based communication protocol (total 800k+ views hit on YouTube)

Senior Software Engineer at Memeo, Inc., 1/2008 - 10/2009

- Develop Twitter client application with photo sharing feature for iPhone

- Develop photo sharing software "Memeo Share" for iPhone / iPod touch

Memeo Share: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memeo-share/id291112217

- Develop photo slide show application for photo sharing application (C#, .NET3.0)

Senior R&D Engineer at MediaTek USA, Inc. (NuCORE Technology, Inc.), 10/2004 - 1/2008

- Develop new algorithm for Vertical Voltage Drift Compensation (VVDC)

for analog front-end chip and implement as C-model

- Work directly for CTO to prototype new concepts of image processing systems

- Develop the eVJ (Electric Video Jockey) firmware

for consumer products (Digital Camera and Photo Storage Device)

- Improve performance of the JPEG transcoder software (YUV 4:2:0, 4:4:4 to 4:2:2)

Chief Architect at Twin Communications of America, Inc., 11/2003 - 9/2004

- Develop a PDA based I2C Bus Protocol Analyzer

- Maintain XOE (Java based Web Service Engine from Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.)

- Port Kaffe Pro (Java compatible runtime VM) to Linux based devices

Senior Software Engineer at Intellisync Corp. (Pumatech, Inc.), 6/1998 - 5/2003

- Port an existing RuntimeVM from Palm OS to Windows CE devices

- Develop the RAD tool for Windows CE devices

- Develop the RAD tool for Java-based devices (cellular phone, PDA)

- Develop the data synchronizing software for devices (cellular phone, PDA)

Unix Server Systems Engineer at Hewlett Packard Japan, Ltd., 4/1992 - 8/1995

- Develop OLTP system on distributed computing envionment (DCE/Encina)

- Develop systems to monitor phone-switching networks

- Develop systems to monitor submarine-cables


B.S. Degree in Industrial Management (Information Technology) major, 3/1992

Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka, Japan

Information Systems Design and Computer Programming

Additional Independent Developments

GlueMotor - Servo motor for smart phone and tablet, 2014

- License the GlueMotor Technology to electronics parts manufacturer in Japan

- Three times awarded at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012, 2013, 2014

Bioinformatics Software Development, 2003 - Present

- Help Bio Researchers to develop their own analysis software includes sh/siRNA

and miRNA prediction

Biped Walking Robot Kit, 2005

- License the Biped Robot Technology to robot kit manufacturer in Japan

- Manufactured by Kyohritsu Electronic Industry Co, Ltd.

Biped Walking Robot, 2003

- Built for Biped Robot Competition ROBO-ONE in Japan

- Got a special prize from BANDAI Corporation

- Sold in U.S. market by KoKoShop, LLC as complete robotics kit

ThumbType keyboard for Palm Devices, 1999

- Original idea and developed prototypes, device driver software

- U.S. Patent 6,876,354 (April 5, 2005), Japan and EU Patent Pending

- Develop and sold by Link Evolution Corporation

Passive 3port Ethernet HUB, 1998

- All electronics schematics design and develop prototypes

- U.S. Patent 6,281,605 (August 28, 2001)

- Develop and Marketing by S.K.International, Inc.

- Sold by RadioShack Corporation in US

HP 200LX Japanese Language Kit, 1994

- Develop and aquired copyright of a program to

display Japanese characters on HP 200LX PDA

- Purchased and marketed by Okaya Systemware Co.,Ltd.

- It had been bandled with HP 200LX product in Japan